Come check out all of the new fabrics since the last time you visited.  Lots of fresh spring fabrics have arrived.  

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Longarm Services

I will continue to provide longarm services for those individuals who have completed quilt tops and simply need the quilting to be done. I use a Bernina Q24 with Art ‘n Stitch software for my longarm quilting. I can do edge to edge designs as well as more custom layout work which places specific patterns/designs in respective areas of a quilt. I do some free motion and ruler work quilting; I am yet to be a master in this area.

Costs for the various services I offer are detailed below:

Edge to Edge designs: Between .015 – .02 cents/square inch and a $3.00/bobbin used fee.

Custom Layout: Between .0175 – .025/ square inch and a $3.00/bobbin used fee.

Free motion/Ruler Work: Between .02 -.025/ square inch and a $3.00/bobbin used fee.

Services at extra cost:
o Trimming the quilt at completion – $5.00

o Pressing – If a quilt comes in full of wrinkles and I need to press it beyond getting out the basic fold lines, there will be a $7.00 charge.

Attaching binding to the quilt:
o Machine Sewn to one side – Whether you have me construct your binding or you provide your own pre-constructed binding; I am willing to sew it onto the front of your quilt. This is a great way to speed up the binding process and leave that step to someone else. To sew the binding onto your quilt I charge $0.20 cents per linear inch.

o Machine Finished – A great way of not having to think about finishing your quilt is to have me do it for you! This service entails stitching the binding onto the back, then rolling it over to the front of the quilt and securing it by machine. The charge $0.25 cents per linear inch to completely bind your quilt.

o Binding Construction – Provide me with your  binding fabric or purchase from the shop and I will construct the binding for you. All binding is continuous and sewn on the bias from a 2 ½” strips. I charge $0.05 cents per linear inch and this service can be included on top of any other binding service.

o Flange binding – For an upcharge of .03/linear inch, making it $0.28 per linear inch; I can construct a flange binding and attach it to your quilt.

I have 80/20 batting, with scrim, available for purchase if you choose. I sell packaged battings as well as batting by the yard.

All longarm clients will be required to sign an agreement for services at the time of drop off and a $25 deposit will be taken at that time.

**All pricing is subject to change with the cost of materials and the numbers given here are an estimate and a starting point.